Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuning: AEM FIC Firmware and Setup

All the electricals is pretty much done, so now I wanna start setting up the FIC so I can control the new injectors!

Before we can start tuning, it's a good idea to flash (reprogram) the FIC with a fresh copy of the latest or the recommended firmware for your car. Also, look out for the latest tuning software as developers sometimes fixes bugs and update it with new features!

I updated to the latest drivers and software from the AEM Electronics website and ensured that the FIC can connect to the computer by bringing up the AEM FIC tuning software, connecting the USB cable to the FIC then clicking 'Connect to FIC'. You know it's connected when the icon turns green.

For firmware, I'll be flashing:
Z file (the primary firmware on the FIC that handles fueling): z104.hex
X file (the calibration (tune) and PC interface firmware): x3.81.hex

From the AEM Electronics forums, I've read good success on the z104.hex firmware for the Scion xB, which shares some equivalency to the Echo's motor and computer configuration. For the X file, I want to have a look at the latest features so I will be flashing the latest.

To flash the FIC, simply follow the instructions in the user manual or refer to the forum. Pretty simple stuff! Took only minutes to check the firmware version, reflash and recheck!

Cool! Now that the tuning software is updated and is able to connect to a freshly flashed FIC, the software and calibration (tune) file can now be setup.

Before going ahead and opening the 'Base Cal.fi6' file, make a copy of that file! Changes you make in a file are streamed/saved on both the fi6 cal file and on the FIC. So if you muck up your current cal file, you can't get it back! Anyway, you can't muck up the Base Cal as it's blank :รพ but back it up so you have a fresh blank cal file ready for you!

Once the 'Base Cal.fi6' file has been opened, it's time to setup the calibration. Go to 'Setup' and select 'System'.

The user manual has a description for all the settings in this menu so make sure you have a read and understand what they do. Don't setup your kit to the picture above!! It was taken from my Base Cal file with no tune information!

Okay once your setup is all good, it's time to connect to the FIC! Plug in the provided USB cord to the PC and then to the FIC. Wait for a bit before you press the "Connect to FIC" button, just to allow your OS to detect the device.

You may be prompted with a window that says that the calibration file on the computer and FIC does not match. So you have two choices:

From FIC - Take the calibration from the FIC and overwrite the calibration file on the PC; or
To FIC - Take the calibration file on the PC and overwrite the calibration file on the FIC.

For a blank cal file, just choose "To FIC" so you overwrite any existing cal files on the FIC with a nice fresh blank file. If you currently have a cal on the FIC, it's probably best if you create a new cal file, then reconnect choosing "From FIC". That way, you don't lose anything.

Alright! You're now connected up! You can open up the maps and have a peek, but you'll find that nothing's set yet. But before you go tinkering, let's get the RPM and Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) calibration happening! Stay tuned!


  1. need help with my fic setup innovate mtx wideband boosted and 49%+ injectors with 6 lbs of boost

    1. Hey Roy! Have you had a look at my previous post about setting up the AEM FIC and the basic map? Also, each setup is different for each car and application so do check out the AEM sites and forum to see how others have set things up! Post on anything specific you need help on! I'm sure others may have similar questions too!

  2. ive got the innovate mtx gauge/wideband how do I configure it into my fic setup ?

    1. Hey Roy! Have a look at the AEM FIC manual which comes with the software installation and on the AEM website. You need to first connect up your wideband to the Wideband input of the AEM FIC. Then in the AEM FIC software, you can configure the aux gauge as the wideband gauge. AEM has this in their instructions as well as a tutorial video clip if you look for it! Good luck!!

  3. i need help with tuning

    1. Heya! Thanks for saying hello!

      Have a read through my posts for some ideas on where to start! If you have particular issues, let us know! Plus, I'm sure a lot of people will have similar issues so please do share!

  4. Hey bud,do I need to download firmware on my PC windows 10 just got it today pc,so I need to connect fic 6