Sunday, August 10, 2014

Notice: Study Break!

Phew! Been diligent and posting a lot of new content so far this year but unfortunately I need more time to study!!

I'm on the last leg of my masters in engineering and I need to write a minor thesis... So unfortunately, I will be redirecting my writing to that for a little bit!

There has been some interesting developments of late and I would love to share it; I'll just have to keep notes on it for now until I get a bit more time to post it up!

Feel free to keep commenting and asking questions! I'll definitely have time to read them and respond!

So in the meantime, gambatte with your builds and tunes and enjoy the challenges of the tuning journey!


  1. Goodluck on your thesis Art. Interesting blog :) I haven't toothpasted my headlight covers yet, trying to organise ingredients to make killer Tom Yum Soup today! What beautiful spring weather we have today. LOVE IT.

  2. Howdy Boss, anyways I can get in contact with you about setting up my AEM fic-6?

    1. Hey there! Please post your questions in the comments so we can all learn! To setup your FIC, start with the manual and I've posted on some setups in a previous post, check it out!

  3. Hi, How about the T-Project now?
    and i want to know you install the intercooler need modify the front bumper?

    1. Hey Ka Hang! Yep! Been super busy but I can definitely spare some time to comment!

      The ZAGE Intercooler fits well with the Toyota Echo/Vitz but yes, there are some slight modifications. You cannot use the same intercooler pre-fabricated pipes that came with the Yaris kit, you will need to install custom ones. I asked a local tuning shop to bend me pipes to fit the intercooler in the front position. Next, once the intercooler is mounted at the front, below the steel front guard, I then trial fitted the bumper. You will find that some of the plastic at the rear of the front bumper will interfere with the intercooler. I cut and shaved it off little by little to ensure a snug fit. I also added black/grey foam between the bumper plastic and the intercooler to prevent it from tapping against each other.

      You’ll find that the bumper may be quite tight when refitting. I also created a custom bracket that reconnects the bumper to the left and right fenders. I just used some off cut steel then painted it black. I later added a rubber band bumper quick release hooks as added security.

      All in all, it is a tight fit. You will need to be a bit creative in shaving the plastic behind the bumper and be sure to add some padding foam if the bumper still touches the intercooler. As you drive around the bumper will vibrate and can scratch your intercooler, so it’s good to keep it all snug.

      Let us know how you go! Good luck with it!!


    2. Hi Fried Rice,
      Thanks for your reply,
      I very hope if you have free time can keep update your vitz T-Project , because i learn very much in your Blog.